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blogger girlIf you want to make money with blog marketing, you need to blog about something you love. You might think sentiment seems misplaced in the otherwise mercenary world of internet marketing. What role could your feelings play in your success?

If the numbers add up, a good niche is a good niche, regardless of whether you’re fascinated or repelled by it, right?

Not quite! If there’s one thing experience has taught us about blogging profitably, it’s the fact that those who are sincerely interested in their subject matters are far more likely to succeed than others are. There are some strong justifications for choosing a niche you love. Let’s consider four of them.

First, you’re more likely to create quality content that really answers the concerns of those looking for relevant information. You’re less likely to supply erroneous information if you’re a subject matter expert.

You’re also far more likely to create content that will connect with your blog’s readers. Passion for a topic makes you a better content provider, and that’s how to make money blogging.

Second, those who care about their niches are more likely to keep their blogs moving forward. You need to be motivated to succeed and picking a topic you love can give you that motivation. Blogging isn’t something you can just do once before moving on to something else.

Success in blogging hinges on seeing projects through over a longer period. Failing to consider your passions can prevent you from seeing your blogging efforts through to the point of completion.

Third, here are other benefits to working a niche that matches your passions. If you’re working with your passions, you’re more likely to find ways to expand your operation in profitable directions. You’re not likely to spot ways to improve the profitability of your widget blog if you don’t really care about widgets.

You won’t find hot-button issues around which to center your content. You’ll miss opportunities. If you’re actually passionate about your niche, you’ll naturally discover new ideas and ways to improve your blogging business.

Fourth, it’s more fun. There’s nothing better than doing something you love. We’re all interested in making money online. That doesn’t force us to think exclusively about monetary issues, however. Doesn’t the idea of profiting and having a good time sound nice?

Remember to consider your feelings when you choose niches for blogging projects. Don’t be satisfied by removing only the least interesting options. Choose niches that really interest and excite you. You can improve your business on multiple fronts by following your passions.


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  1. At first I was kind of sceptically but little did I know that by the end of reading this entry I will shift my perspective 180 degrees.

  2. I wish I had come across this earlier, I could have really used it.. As it is, I ended up making a choice I wouldn’t have had I seen this! Sound advice.

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